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At least 150,000 Indigenous children from across the country were impacted, Trudeau said on Thursday. In 2019, Trudeau said he and his government accepted the harm inflicted on indigenous peoples in Canada amounted to genocide, saying at the time that the government would move forward to "end this ongoing tragedy." Thousands of children from Canadian schools for indigenous communities may be buried in unmarked graves, officials say Estimates indicate that more than 4,000 children died while at residential previous schools over a period of several decades, Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission said in a 2015 report detailing the legacy of the residential school system. The report detailed decades of physical, sexual and emotional abuse suffered by children in government and church-run institutions. Earlier this year, hundreds of Indigenous children's remains were found at several sites, prompting calls from accountability from advocates and Indigenous people across the country. Governor General of Canada Mary May Simon said Thursday that Canada's "real history has been laid bare." "These are uncomfortable truths, and often hard to accept. But the truth also unites us as a nation, brings us together to dispel anger and despair, and embrace justice, harmony and trust instead," said Simon, who is the first Indigenous person in her role. Last week, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops apologized for its role in the residential school system and expressed "profound remorse." "We acknowledge the grave abuses that were committed by some members of our Catholic community; physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and sexual," the organization said in a statement.

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Jhulan Goswami WICKET! Australia 119-4 (McGrath c Mandhana b Vastrakar 28) Tahlia McGrath has thrown it away. She slapped a short ball straight to deep backward point, where Smriti Mandhana took a comfortable catch. McGrath played nicely for her 28 and looked thoroughly hacked off with the manner of her dismissal. 49th over: Australia 118-3 (Perry 16, McGrath 28) Mithali Raj rotates her spinners for the umpteenth time today: Sharma off, Gayakwad on. She hasn’t been as threatening since tea, and she’s decided it’s time to try bowling over the wicket.


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Harsh policy changes in the name of national security, such as the Patriot Act, came into effect. But both Congress and the White House also focused the weight of policy making on curving immigration, funding astronomical budgets to further tighten borders, and toughening enforcement against non-citizens, including Muslims, Latinos, and others with zero ties to terrorism. One of the most impactful creations was The Department of Homeland Security (DHS,) which oversees Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, commonly known as ICE. But the changes also echoed inside communities across the country. For example, in the years following September 11, Real ID legislation was introduced at the federal level. It was touted as a way to standardize drivers’ licenses throughout the U.S. by setting minimum guidelines individual states would need to follow to grant identification and driving permits, including requiring the verification of legal status for every applicant. Since issuing licenses falls under states’ jurisdictions, the legislation has been expensive and slow to implement, but coupled with increased ICE partnerships with local law enforcement agencies, Real ID has posed a major threat to people living in the U.S. without legal status. Unlicensed, undocumented drivers risk deportation every time they’re on the road.